Technology & Marketing Services


Executive Partners

John Meindl

Chief Marketing Officer

John Meindl is the Founder and CEO of SPORTSBRANDEDMEDIA, INC., a convergence of sports and entertainment. With expertise across all sports disciplines and media platforms, Mr. Meindl is an industry pioneer, creating ideas and solutions to meet the challenges of today’s changing sports landscape.

Jay Valentine (Salley)

CEO / Founder

Mr. Jay Valentine formulated Free Agent in 2005, and has provided entertainment, technology, health care consultation and corporate services.

Jay Valentine and his Free Agent partners have taken on a life changing project with a mission to Save 1 Million Lives By 2018 along side Team Fusion and Kyani..!!

Barbara Preato

Director of Operation

Ms. Preato has focused in the field of neutraceutical medicine after an on going battle with autoimmune disease.  Finding relief with no side effects, she no longer depends on prescribed pharmaceuticals to get through her day.
She believes with a healthy life style we can all start LIVING and it begins right here.

M.L. Hunt

Chief Digital Officer

M.L. Hunt is the Chief Media Officer of Free Agent Group.  Following his pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Psychology,  M.L. has spent numerous years in the banking industry before moving into athletics and education. His level of creativity has no bounds when working with clients in branding and marketing and his exemplary talent in program development has been game changing for clients’ systems improvement.

Alycia Lerer

Chief Brand Officer

Alycia uses her over 26 years of senior level management experience as a network manager at  Time Warner Cable and a broad spectrum of production, marketing, managerial, and organizational skills to assist Free Agent Group in becoming a successful marketing agency that will provide our clients mainstream live events and television production. Having produced successful events and productions airing on Time Warner, the Today Show, Comcast, and Pax/NBC, we have no doubt that Ms. Lerer will be pioneering Free Agent Group into becoming a innovative powerhouse in the sports and health market.

Daniel "Skid" Mitchell

Daniel ``Skid`` Mitchell

Vice President of Marketing (Eastern Region)

Mr. Daniel “Skid” Mitchell was the A&R coordinator for Sean Combs and Harve Pierre at Bad Boy Records. Mr. Mitchell has produced a number of successful projects and has polished his marketing skills by working along side Mr. Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Mr. Mitchell is now leading the Free Agent Group marketing team and opening new ventures for our star clients.

Century Williams

Brand Marketing Manager

Ms. Williams has years experience in the sports market, she has established successful ventures for clients such Nike and Monster just to name a few.

Ms. Williams is the Director of Brand & Marketing and leads all of FA Groups events, campaigns and branding deals for our top clients.

Godfrey Mascall

Godfrey Mascall

Director of Relations

Mr. Godfrey Mascall, former college basketball champion turned his leadership skills towards the corporate market by locking arms with Free Agent Group where he is able to still be apart of the athletic world, while creating strategic relationships that connects the professional athletes with the corporate market.

Omar Bramwell

Chief Services Officer

Mr. Bramwell has over 15 years experience with Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing.  By utilizing creative customer acquisition techniques he has been able to generate over 30,000 clients in his career.  Now, with todays technology, paired with the most powerful nutraceutical product on the planet, and a Power Team that brings unlimited resources to the table, we are in a position to impact humanity on a large scale.

Kody Matthews

President of Operations

Ms. Matthews has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and with her passion for nutraceutical medicine and holistic treatments, she began pursuing her dreams at an early age by majoring in nutrition and fitness. As the Director of Operations with Free Agent Group, Ms. Matthews is excited to pioneer the merge of innovative technology with natural pharmaceutical grade medicine and sharing it with the world.

Luca Castellini

Luca Castellini

Director of Digital Media

Luca Castellini Has spent numerous years working
with Productions and successfully creating
media Campaigns for brands and companies. He has
a large experience with Influencers and been using
Influencer marketing strategies to grow sales for
e-commerce brands and youtube celebrities.

Yemisi Fadiya

Director of Administration

Yemisi Fadiya owns a Bachelors degree in Pure & Applied Chemistry. Her knowledge of natural medicine and super foods influenced her decision to become a Nutraceutical broker with the Free Agent Group. Her passion is to see and lead people towards living a healthy lifestyle