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Client Services

Free Agent & Kyäni are personally connected to each and every client from the moment they are hurting to the day they are back to their normal self. Our mission is to save and change 1 million lives by the year 2018, and this task can only be accomplish by joining hands and changing the wave of medicine back to its natural source, Mother Nature..!!

Corporate Services

Free Agent Group has established business strategies that are designed to support your health care mission, vision and values. We help you strategize and achieve goals specific to your market. Free Agent Group has a team ready to assist you with customer acquisition, lead generation, and further more.

Health Services

Kyäni has developed a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional system that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world to achieve optimal health. After years of extensive research, Kyäni assembled the most remarkable Superfoods and botanicals from around the world to form the Triangle of Health – three products that work together to optimize wellness in a way that only Kyäni has achieved.

Development Services

Here at Free Agent we are strong believers in Personal Development. We developed a system that has empowered any associate to reach their goals with the practice of proper technique and dedication.  This will help you become that expert sales or marketing executive to speaking in front of thousands as a professional speaker. We develop the mindset that will strengthen the skills.