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Media Team

Reuel White

Reuel White

Videographer / Photography

Reuel White has a passion for dramatic storytelling through the medium of photography and videography. He has a talent for art that has been developing for over 10 years. His dynamic style has grabbed the attention and admiration of clients and onlookers alike. His love for the visual arts led him to Andrews University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Content Team

Nathan Jia

Mid Executive

Nathan completed his undergraduate cellular and molecular biology degree in 3 years and is currently a fast-track, orthopedic medical student at The NYU School of Medicine. He joined Kyani to further his mission of promoting preventative medicine through optimal nutrition and exercise.

Web Team

Manuel Vasquez

Manuel Vasquez

Web Content Producer

Manuel Vasquez is the Web Content Producer for Free Agent Group. He has obtained an associates degree in Digital Media Arts from Technical Career Institute in New York City. He has self drive and dedication, which is two of his strong features. Mr. Vasquez is looking to hone his skills in the Content Management Department, with goals to make Free Agent Group one of the most innovative sites on the web today .